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When to Look for Water Heater Repair

It’s good to entrust your water heater repair task with a professional like JustUs Plumbing who has the right knowledge and experience with your particular heater model.
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A water heater is an important tool in a home for doing the dishes, washing clothes, and keeping your baths and showers hot and comfortable. A water heater has a lifespan of about 8 to 12 years, based on the manufacturer’s recommended service life. This may vary depending on the quality of the appliance, quality of installation, water quality, and how often you perform your water heater service.

As it gets close to its life expectancy, no matter how good your heater is, it might start getting cranky. The warm water won’t last as long or the morning shower won’t be as warm. When this happens, it’s good to look for a water heater repair service provider to check for possible issues and fix them. 

Remember, you don’t want to receive that call about your water heater leaking because this is not just a problem but a dangerous one as well. Water heater repair services will help you notice a problem before it escalates to something more serious. You can trust JustUs Plumbing for all your gas water heater repair and emergency water heater repair tasks.

Why Choose JustUs Plumbing for Your Water Heater Repair Services?

At JustUs Plumbing, we take every job seriously and will respond quickly to your call. Our technicians know exactly what to look for to know if your water heater requires simple repair like a thermostat modification or replacement, or if it’s something more serious such as failed burners or calrods. Today’s water heaters are either gas or electric and they tend to be a bit more complicated compared to older units. Our water heater repair services providers are trained to adjust, check venting, and assess your pressure and the thermostats, and to ensure things are in good working condition when they are done.

Remember, because of power/fuel supply and weight, changing out your water heater should be done by professional water heater repair services contractors.

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JustUs Plumbing is one of the best water heater repair companies in Central Texas. Our service areas include Round Rock, Leander, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Hutto, Lago Vista, and Pflugerville, TX. If you are searching for water heater repair near me in any of the mentioned areas, call us today and we will come to your aid.

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Kate Anderson

I called John, of JustUs Plumbing on a Saturday afternoon, after the hot-water pipe under the bathroom sink blew-out. John was able to contact his tech, Jimmy, who came right out, at the end of his day and fixed the pipe just in

James sunderland

Jarrod made time to get to my house during his busy scheduled day when I called the same day. He was so friendly, honest, and did a great job with rerouting our new kitchen sink and getting it set up.

Andrew adamson

After speaking to several other plumbers in the area that were either too Sought After to make time for me or had such ridiculous fees just to get on their schedule I was fortunate enough to find JustUs Plumbing.

Rebecca Koenning

They came almost immediately after I called and took out a toilet that was leaking through my downstairs ceiling. The work was great and they were so polite and friendly. They know what they are doing and explain it all to me in the process. I just wished I had called sooner!

Bruce Kipperman

Great responsiveness and customer support! Appreciate Eric for coming out so quickly and the entire JustUs Plumbing team!

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